Pressure Gauge


Pressure Gauge
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- Types of Pressure Measurement

① Standards of pressure measurment

- Gauge pressure: Measure the pressure using atmospheric pressure as the reference point (0).

- Absolute pressure: Measure the pressure using absolute vacuum as the reference point (0).

- Vacuum pressure: Measure the negative pressure with atmospheric pressure as the reference point (0).

- Differential pressure: Measure the differential pressure.

② Pressure unit : bar, psi, mmhg, kg/cm2 ...

- Pa(Pascal) :
Pa is the international unit of pressure. Hectopascal (hPa), commonly found in weather forecasts, is a prefixed word before Pascal (pa). Pascal is usually used to calculate mechanical forces.

- atm(Standard atmosphere) :
atm is the most commonly used unit of atmospheric pressure. The atmospheric pressure depends on the altitude. So the standard of atmospheric pressure is the atmospheric pressure measured near sea level. And it's called 1 atmosphere, exactly 101.325 kPa, or 1013.25 hPa.
In addition, mmHg (in millimeters of mercury) and mAq (in water meters) are used, but in the case of mercury or water, the temperature must be specified to accurately indicate the pressure state.

- Torr :
Torr is 1/760 of 1 atmospheric pressure, which is equivalent to the pressure exerted by mercury at a height of 1 mm. 1 torr is equivalent to 1 mmHg.

- mmHg(Millimeter of mercury) :
mmHg is the pressure of 1mm height of mercury (Hg), which is almost equal to 1 Torr. mmHg was usually used before using Torr.

- psi(Pounds per square inch) :
psi is the pressure at which 1 pound of force is applied per 1 square inch. It's the same as about 6895 Pa.
Unit conversion of Pressure
1 kg/(㎠)
③ Examples based on Standards of pressure measurment

- Absolute pressure
   0 atm = 0 psi a = 0 mmHg a = 0 bar a
   1 atm = 14.696 psi a = 760 mmHg a = 1.013 bar a
   2 atm = 29.938 psi a = 1,520 mmHg a = 2.026 bar a

- Gauge pressure
   0 atm = -14.696 psi g = -760 mmHg g = -1.013 bar g
   1 atm = 0 psi g = 0 mmHg g = 0 bar g
   2 atm = 14.696 psi g = 760 mmHg g = 1.013 bar g

- Vacuum pressure
   0 atm = 14.696 psi v = 760 mmhg v = 1.013 bar v
   1 atm = 0 psi v = 0 mmHg v = 0 bar v
    2 atm = 진공압은 해당 없음. (Not applicable)

④ Pressure gauge type

- Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge
Bourdon tube pressure gauge is the most used product by many industries.
It is made by special processed Bourdon Tube. It is suitable for use in environments where fluid is not viscous and is not crystallized. gauge can be filled with glycerin and silicon for accurate readability even in the event of high pressure or vibration.

- Diaphragm seal pressure gauge
The diaphragm seal pressure gauge is used for liquid and gas lines. Flange type has high durability for contaminated, toxic and viscosity fluids. so it is widely used in petrochemicals, cement, and paper mills and so on. gauge can be filled with glycerin and silicon for accurate readability even in the event of high pressure or vibration.

- Sanitary Diaphragm seal pressure transmitter ( 3-A Certificated )
Sanitary diaphragm seal pressure transmitter is widely used in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries that require hygiene. We have acquired 3-A, a sanitary facility certification issued by 3-A SANITARY STANDARDS INC. in the United States. and we are manufacturing a specially processed diaphragm seal pressure transmitter according to the standards specification. Measure a pressure from a fluid and deliver an output signal of 4 to 20mA or 0 to 5V.

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