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No.1 manufacturing company Sentech ENG

SentechEng Co.,Ltd is a quality manufacturer of instrumentation and control equipment in the Korea and Southeast
Asian region. Established in 2007 SentechEng dedicate to develop of the field of measurment. As a result SentechEng has transformed into a truly recognised company with the reputation of providing quality instruments, material product development and repairing services as well as manufacturing. As an ISO 9001, CE certified company, we commit ourselves to bring out the very best of our quality products and services to our customers. In 2017, SentechEng has been awarded with the Prestigious Korea SMEs.
As a one-stop instrumentation house, SentechEng provides wide range of measurement and control products
ranging from temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, calibrator, explosion proof.
With of experience in instrumentation business and a strong technical support team, you can be assured of our services. we have manufacturing facilities to custom-make temperature sensors, thermowell, wire to meet your requirements. Also our competent agency provide on-site technical meeting.

· Establishment

February 12, 2007


Kim Hyun-Chul

· Capital

600 million Won (about $530,000)

· Head Office

SENTECH ENG B/D, 15, Bucheon-ro 425 beon-gil,

· Branch I

B1, 289, Jangmal-ro, Bucheon-ro 425 beon-gil

· Branch II

1101 Ilsung Truel, 10-8, Sammu-ro 1-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do,

· Tel

+82-32-326-2796, 2797, 2799

· Fax


· Product

- ATEX & IECEx & KCs & CE & 3A
-Thermocouple & RTD
-Temperature & Humidity Sensor
-Temperture & Pressure gauge
-Temperture & Pressure Transmitter

-Level & Flow Sensor
- Thermocouple & Extension wire
- M.I & Sheath & Cartridge Heater
- Indicator & Controller & Recorder
- Omega engineering's Product

·Supply Contractor

Samsung, LG, SK, POSCO, Hyundai Steel, Hankook, Hanwha, Hana Materials, Dealim Paper, Hanmi Pharm, Purmil, Power Plant(KOSPO, KOMIPO, EWP, KOSEP, KEPCO), KARI, KIER, KIMM, IAE